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Juliana L. Vasconcellos

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A regular pattern of wooden and brass triangles grouped in an irregular balanced shape creates a plane supported by three marble prisms. The simplicity of this table’s concept is allied... Learn More



Inspired by the “mar de morros” (hills sea) of Minas Gerais, in Brasil, this voluptuous and compact wooden desk is gently supported by three delicate steel pipes. Edition 2015  Juliana Vasconcellos... Learn More



Ghost Console $ 9.000 Ghost Table $ 7.000 An asymmetrical balanced combination of smooth curved shapes in brushed and polished stainless steel transforms these pieces into chameleons, slightly reflecting the... Learn More



A contemporary representation of the encounter of a stalactite and a stalagmite, geometry is the strength in the concept of this table, where a series of stacked round and square... Learn More



This wall tapistery is from GEOMETRIA collection. The green is called "Triangle".     They are made in wool by hand in India.    The sizes are: Laço 118,00 x 96... Learn More



Two well defined upholstered shapes and a wooden cylinder base. The simplicity of this composition keeps this sofa elegantly contemporary. Edition 2016 Juliana Vasconcellos and Matheus Barreto  Upholstery and Ebony Wooden Base ... Learn More