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Tomer Dekel

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Three Drops

"Three Drops" creation is an illustration of materials' transformation as they were changed into a piece of art. It looks like this old water tap was frozen in time and... Learn More



This metal drum of a dryer, which was in never ending over use became tired and broken down. The basic element is totally transformed. The creation symbolizes the recycling of... Learn More



This old Nozzle used for putting out fire on ships. Tomer restored its original function in a creation that visualize the water stream that comes out of the Nozzle and... Learn More


Light Pump

An old water pump was the basic material for a creative one of a kind light fixture. The perfect combination of the rock and the water pump illustrates its original... Learn More



Nature Is Powerful !!! The next creation is called "Lava", an unusual light fixture. The texture of the wood wears the look of a molten rock, and the light flow... Learn More


Friedman Pure

Create a warm and intimate atmosphere with 'Friedman pure' light fixture. Tomer converted this antique oil heater that used to warm houses years ago into fine art work.   Materials... Learn More


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