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Brand: Diroco

The uncompromising performance of carbon fiber is driven and pioneered by some equally uncompromising players. Formula 1®, MotoGP®, competitive sailing, space exploration, and DIROCCO™. The TATANO™, our first piece, brings you a marriage between design and technology that was once reserved for the likes of Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, James Hunt, and moonwalkers.

The first full frame eyewear in the world to be built in 100% high-grade Italian carbon fiber; making it nearly 40x stronger than conventional cellulose acetate. The MGG FINE PIECE features an 18k Rose Gold plated Titanium nose bridge.

In it's most elegant form.

Despite this barrier-breaking application of carbon fiber, the 18k rose gold-plated hinges' underlying patent pending architecture is sound. 5 Barrels work in harmony with a dynamic spring to ensure that your frames never lose the snug fit that should be associated with a well made eyewear piece- Feel free to look down. CR39 Columbia Resin #39 (abbreviated CR39), was developed in 1940 by the Columbia Resins project for a thermosetting plastic. It was originally created to reduce weight in the fuel tank on the B-17 bomber aircraft in World War II. After the war ended, its application changed in 1947 to eyeglass lenses. To date, it is considered the top material for lenses and is used in every DiRocco frame. *Actual product shown below