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Brand: Oscar Carvallo

Oscar took his first approach towards Master Carlos Cruz-Diez by integrating the master’s physichromies in the fabrics that gave life to the collection he launched that year, which he called  Un Voyage Cinétique (“A Kinetic Voyage”), in an event in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, which he held together with this artist.

In January 2014, they again worked together and thus, Voyage Cinétique II was born, a collection in which combinations of color and motion dominated the fashion shows of the week of Haute Couture in Paris. Oscar joined the kinetic universe in an intense manner, wherein the works became fabrics and walking works of art with new objects of inspiration, such as medieval suits of armor, futurism, organic shapes, technology and the nostalgia of French lace.

The dresses are for sell as pieces of art.

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